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Healthy Living

Your local friendly late night pharmacy offers a wide range of NHS services to help support you in making healthy changes to your lifestyle. We have a range of resources and advice to help you make these changes. We can provide advice and tips on how to eat healthily, how to get enough exercise and stop smoking.

It's never too late to lead a healthier lifestyle!

Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking

It’s never too late to quit!

Cigarettes contain over 4,000 toxic chemicals and around 69 of these cause cancer.

Quitting dramatically increases your chances of living a longer life. It takes just 20 minutes for your body to start healing once you quit smoking, repairing the damage done by all those years of smoking.

You will reduce your chances of getting lung cancer and be able to breathe more easily.

You will reduce that clogged feeling in your lungs and lose that nasty cough in the morning.

You will reduce your chances of having a heart attack.

You will reduce your risk of developing illness, disability or death caused by cancer, heart or lung disease.

You will reduce your risk of gangrene or amputation caused by circulatory problems.

You will improve your fertility levels and your chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

You will improve your breathing and general fitness.

Our trained staff at Day night pharmacy, will help you understand why you smoke and create a plan to help you go smoke free. You will be offered access to treatments such as Champix, nicotine replacement therapy such as patches, gum, lozenges, inhalator. We will give you all the support you need when you’re ready to quit. For more information visit

Weight Management

Obesity has become a major public health epidemic.  Currently, around two thirds of the population of England are overweight or obese. Obesity has grown by almost 400% in the last 25 years It is expected to bring levels of ill-health that will put enormous strains on Health and Local Authority services and will impact on society as a whole. To tackle this growing problem, we offer free weight management programme as part of the Dudley NHS.

Our aim is to supply you with the knowledge and the tools to lose weight, improve your health and raise your self esteem. We aim to provide you with information and support to allow you to change your lifestyle and continue with these changes for life! If you would like further information about our service we would be happy to help.

Alcohol Awareness

The Effects of Alcohol - Are You Putting Your Health At Risk?

There’s no guaranteed safe level of drinking! Regularly drinking above recommended daily limits risks damaging your health

The NHS recommends:
• Men should not regularly drink more than 3-4 units a day.
• Women should not regularly drink more than 2-3 units a day.

Regularly drinking above recommended daily limits risks damaging your health.

Most people who have health problems from drinking aren’t alcoholics – they’re just people who’ve regularly been drinking more than the recommended levels for some years.

The effects of alcohol are different for each person, and for men and women. The amount you drink, how often you drink and how long you’ve been drinking all make a difference.

And it’s certainly not only people who get drunk or binge drink who are at risk.

Most people who are drinking too much don’t see any symptoms at first, but alcohol’s hidden effects emerge later in life – and by then they can be a serious problem.

Liver problems, reduced fertility, high blood pressure, increased risk of various cancers and heart attack are some of the numerous harmful effects of regularly drinking above recommended levels.

To find out more and check your drinking levels speak to our pharmacy team today.

Health checks

Blood Pressure Testing

High blood pressure is on the increase and most people do not have any symptoms. We have a quick and simple test to check your blood pressure. Call in today for a free blood pressure check.

NHS health checks

As part of the NHS health checks in Dudley we offer a free service between the ages of 40-75 to assess your risk of developing heart problems. See NHS choices for more information

Sexual Health

Emergency Hormonal Pill

We can offer the free emergency pill as part of the NHS Dudley emergency contraception scheme. Speak to the pharmacist for more information and advice.

Chlamydia Screening Programme

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. It is estimated that 70% of women and 50% of men have no symptoms and may be infected and not know they have it.

The signs and symptoms of Chlamydia are invisible, but just a simple urine test, carried out in the privacy of your own home can tell you if you may be carrying the infection. You can obtain a free self taken test from our pharmacy today or you can also request a postal kit by calling 0800 694 0104 or request a test on line at

You can decide how you want to be informed of the result.  This is a strictly confidential service. Chlamydia can be easily cured with a short course of antibiotics but you can get Chlamydia again if you have unprotected sexual contact with an infected person.

All the tests and treatment are provided free on the Dudley chlamydia screening programme. Contact our pharmacy team for further information.

Other services

Flu Vaccination

Influenza (flu) is a highly infectious disease caused by influenza viruses. The influenza virus attacks the respiratory tract (the ear, nose and throat). The virus is mainly spread by respiratory droplets in the air produced by coughing or sneezing. Although most people recover from flu within a week, for some people the infection is more serious and leads to complications. These illnesses may require treatment in hospital and can be life threatening especially in the elderly, people with heart or chest disease and those in poor health. The Flu jab protects against the most common strains of the virus, which change each year.

At Day Night our trained staff can offer free flu vaccination if you are in one of the risks groups. If you are not in the at risk groups we can offer the vaccination at a charge. Speak to the pharmacist to book an appointment.

Travel Health

Are you going abroad? Our pharmacy team can explain what malaria prevention medicines and vaccinations you and your family require for your holiday. Please speak to a member of staff about malaria protection and travel health products to help protect you and your family.


Prescription Services

Prescription Service

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